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Programs for children and family

Uni’s World In Uni’s World children may play with or without parents.
Children’s Nook During breakfast and dinner our trained staff waits children, from the age of 3, in the children’s corner in the restaurant.
DIY – Do It Yourself Decorate our wooden treasure chests with quality raw materials to your liking!

Equestrian service

Carriage Explore Bikal on a horse-drawn carriage! Request a picnic basket and listen to the coachman’s stories!

Gift shopping

Gift shop You may choose from a selection of gift items, DIY products, jewelry, chocolates, fridge magnets, postcards and numerous other products.
Reception You may choose from a selection of gift items, DIY products, jewelry, chocolates, fridge magnets, postcards and numerous other products.

Theme Park

Travel to medieval times Visiting the Renaissance Theme Park during opening ours is like travelling through time.
Medieval Playground The medieval playground located in the main square of the Theme Park offers a great recreational axtivity for all children!
Petting zoo It may be visited freely, where you may get to know domestic animals.
Interactive houses The houses of the Wonder Village may also be visited outside of opening hours: House of the Magic Painter, Smith’, Witch’s House and Fairy garden.
Handicrafts Handicrafts masters await you at the Renaissance Theme Park: swing by and try your hand at handicrafts, then browse their wares to your hearts desires! Our handicrafts masters stand ready outside of opening days for our hotel guests; for further information, please turn to reception.

Room Escape

Room Escape It is an exciting entertainment opportunity for friends, couples, families.


Massage We offer a whole range of massages to our guests.
Chiropractic We are offering two types of osteopathy to our guests.
Beauty Our beauty parlor awaits its guests with special cosmetic treatments and beauty care procedures.
Sauna séance Our professional sauna masters await you with high-quality sauna programmes at our brand new outdoor Finnish sauna.
VIP Bath An exclusive service for couples accompanies by champagne, fruits and music.
Flabélos Our flabélos device excites your entire body without strain under a short period of time.
Night bathings Night bathing by candlelight and intimate moments.

Sports and Active Recreation

Sport Centre Our Sports Centre offers several remarkable sporting opportunities and exciting games for the lovers of active recreation: table soccer, bowling, billiard, darts, game machines, squash, fitness room.


Puchner Feast If you are wishing for a little more than the half board service, try our Puchner Feast!

Opening hours

Reception every day from 0.00 to 24.00
Bath House from Sunday to Thursday
from Friday to Saturday
from 9.00 to 19.00
from 9.00 to 22.00
Palace Bath from Monday to Thursday
from Friday to Sunday
from 10.00 to 18.00
from 10.00 to 19.00
Sport Centre every day from 16.00 to 23.00
Gift shop Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday
from 9.30 to 11.30
from 10.30 to 17.00
Breakfast Hall every day from 7.00 to 10.00
Location for lunch every day from 12.00 to 15.00
Location for dinner every day from 17.30 to 21.00


Do you have questions? On this page we have collected the ones that are asked most frequently, along with the relating answers. If there is still some information you cannot find, please contact us.


  • Where can I reserve a massage?
    To make an appointment please turn to our colleagues working at the Spa’s wellness reception.
  • Is there a possibility for buying swimwear?
    There is no possibility for buying swimwear.
  • Following check-out may we still use the wellness section?
    Yes. For an additional fee, you may use our wellness services following check-out: usage of French, Moroccan and Palace Spa between 11.00 AM – 13.00 PM for adults is 1,000 HUF/person, for children it is 500 HUF/person, below 6 years of age it is free. From 11.00 AM until the evening (until closing hour) the fee is 1,500 HUF/person for adults, 1,000 HUF/person for children, and is free for children under the age of 6.


  • When do they change the robe and the towel found in the room?
    The towels/robes thrown on the floor are changed by the cleaning maids during daily cleaning until 15:00 PM. In case you have a problem with the size of your robe, please notify reception.
  • The room is cold. What should I do?
    During a transitory period the following options are available to you: in the Grove house, the rooms found in the Spa’s building (except for room 2), in the private and family suites of the Spa, as well as in the Manor House and in the Palace you may regulate the temperature with a fan coil. In the cases of other room types there are different heating solutions, therefore we ask you to turn to reception when in need.
  • Is there a possibility to buy bathroom accessories?
    Yes. In case you need any bathroom accessories not found in the room (toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving accessories, slippers) please turn to Spa Wellness reception.
  • In the room I did not find the gift package (e.g. card, champagne) that I have requested upon reservation. Where can I inquire in connection with this?
    Please feel free to turn to our colleagues at reception.
  • By what time do I have to check-out from the room? Is there a possibility to stay longer?
    You need to check out by 11.00 AM if you have not requested an extention of the use of the room, or if that wasn’t an option. Otherwise we shall charge a 10.000 HUF fee on the room bill.
    Please correspond with reception on the day of departure regarding the extention of the use of the room. This service may only be utilized if no other guests are scheduled to stay in your room.


  • Is there free Wi-Fi?
    The free use of internet with Wi-Fi accessibility is available. Name of the network: Puchnerkastely, to which no password is attached.
  • Where can I find the nearest pharmacy?
    At the doctor’s office, which is in the near vicinity of the hotel, you may find the pharmacy. For details please call reception. Outside of the doctor’s office’s opening hours the closest pharmacies can be found in Mágocs or Dombóvár.
  • Where can I find the nearest ATM?
    You may find the nearest ATM by walking across the main road, by the kindergarten building. For more detailed directions, turn to our colleagues at reception.
  • Where can I find the nearest gas station?
    The nearest gas station is in Mágocs.
  • I require medical assistance. What should I do? Where can I find the nearest ER?
    The ER in Dombóvár is available on weekdays from 16:00 PM until 08:00 AM the next day, and on weekends and national holidays from 08:00 AM until 08:00 AM on the upcoming first workday. ER address: Dombóvár, Szent István tér 1.
    If you require any kind of medical aid, please call reception.
  • When and where may I attend church service?
    In our town there is an opportunity to visit the evangelical or catholic churches or attend a service. You may receive further information at reception on when the masses are held.

Food and drink

  • Where may I have a coffee?
    On our hotel premises you may select from multiple possibilities. At the Spa’s café, at the Sports Centre’s drinkbar, at Palace Wellness, as well as at any location that offers dining. You may inquire about opening hours at the ‘Opening Hours’ drop-down menu.
  • What should I do if I have a food intolerance?
    Previously submitted food intolerances are forwarded to the restaurant. Upon dining please notify our colleagues that you are one of the guests for whom we have prepared special dining. When notifying us on location, we cannot provide you with special dining.

Cleaning routine

The daily cleaning is done by our chambermaids between 09:00 AM and 15:00 PM. Please use the signs found next to the door to let us know about your cleaning preference:

No sign on the doorknob – emptying the trashcan, changing the bathtub mat and towels in case they are thrown on the ground.

Please, make up my room sign – as mentioned above with vacuuming/mopping, making the bed, disinfecting the bathroom. The sign needs to be put out by 11:00 AM, that way we can guarantee that the task shall be done by 15:00 PM. Please call reception if you later decide to request the cleaning service.

Please, do not disturb – the housekeeper will not enter the room.

Extra cleaning service may be requested between 09:00 AM and 18:00 PM; for this, please call reception.


Choose to your liking from our different minibar packages! The following packages we shall prepare within 1 hour for the room, if you pre-order it on the phone or in person at reception. This option is available every day between 08:00 AM and 18:00 PM. The fee for the service shall be charged on the room bill.
In the future you may also select this on our online reservation platform, but you may also inform us of your request via email.

Minibar package name Minibar package included Minibar package price
Mini Mineral water (0,5 l) – 2 pc
Juices (0,33 l) – 1 pc
Carbonated sodas (0,33 l) – 1 pc
HUF 3.400
Alcohol-free Mineral water (0,5 l) – 4 pc
Juices (0,33 l) – 2 pc
Carbonated sodas (0,33 l) – 2 pc
HUF 6.400
Alcoholic Mineral water (0,5 l) – 2 pc
Unicum (0,05 l) – 1 pc
Johnnie Walker (0,05 l) – 1 pc
Cornus pálinka (0,05 l) – 1 pc
Salted nuts (60 g) – 1 pc
HUF 9.400
Extra Mineral water (0,5 l) – 4 pc
Juices (0,33 l) – 2 pc
Carbonated sodas (0,33 l) – 2 pc
Törley champagne (0,2 l) – 1 pc
Unicum (0,05 l) – 1 pc
Johnnie Walker (0,05 l) – 1 pc
Cornus pálinka (0,05 l) – 1 pc
Salted nuts (60 g) – 1 pc
HUF 13.100

More informations

Preferential offers for the day of departure

Extend your stay so that the day of your departure will also be spent with relaxation! Use our wellness services at the Spa, have lunch at the Hall of Muses or at the Inn, or you may also relax at your room.

Our special offer

Price for adult
(12-99 year)
Price for child
(6-11,99 year)
Price for child
(3-5,99 year)
Price for a small child
(0-2,99 year)
Bath use
from 11.00 to 13.00
HUF 1.000 (person) HUF 500 (person) free free
Bath use
from 11.00 to 21.00
HUF 1.500 (person) HUF 1.000 (person) free free
Bath use and lunch
from 11.00 to 21.00
HUF 6.000 (person) HUF 4.400 (person) HUF 1.500 (person) free
Bath use, lunch and room use
from 11.00 to 17.00
HUF 9.500 (person) HUF 6.250 (person) HUF 1.500 (person) free


  • To claim the preferential offer, please turn to our colleagues at reception.
  • In case you wish to extend your stay at your room please consult with reception on the day of check-out. This service may only be utilized if no other guests are scheduled to stay in your former room.


  • We ask you to finalize checking out up until 11:00 AM of the day of your departure if you did not request the extension of the use of your room, or if it is not possible because another guest is scheduled to stay in your former room that day.
  • If you are not leaving your room until 11:00 AM on the day of your departure, we are going to add an additional charge of 10000 HUF to your room bill.
  • Any personal belongings found until 15:00 PM shall be moved to our storage room.

The Puchner family and the history of the hotel

If you are interested in the history of the Puchner family and the hotel, you can read it here.

Services from A to Z

In case you still have questions regarding a service or anything else listed in the previous points, you’ll find all the important information in the guest guide available at the reception in alphabetical order.

Our Accommodation

Our hotel has seven types of accommodations. If you wish to try a different type upon your next visit, you may find further information on the possibilities here.


Our hotel is equipped to hold group events, and unforgettable weddings as well.


We offer a variety of local and international satellite television channels at our hotel. Television channels available at our hotel include the following.

TV channels receivable in the hotel

M1 National Geographic Wild
M2 Spektrum
M4 Sport Film+
M5 Sorozat+
Duna AXN
Duna World Prime
RTL Klub Paramount Channel
TV2 Discovery Channel
National Geographic

If you have any problems with the TV please inform the Reception thereof.

Fire safety

In the rooms in the hotel building, as well as in the commonly used areas it is prohibited to carry out any activity that can cause fire or explosion.
It is prohibited to bring any pyrotechnic material, flammable fluid, gas-cylinder or devices operated thereby to the hotel buildings or to the rooms.
Do not empty the still burning content of an ashtray to the dust-bin!
After use, the TV shall be switched off, and other electric devices shall be unplugged.
Never put combustible material onto the lighting fittings! In the heating season, never put flammable material (spray, nail polish etc.) onto the heating units!

Fire alarm plan

In case of fire, the Fire-department must be contacted immediately by dialling 105. At the same time, the Police shall be informed, by dialling 107. If a human life is also in danger, the Ambulance can be reached by dialling 104.

Until the firefighters arrive, use the fire-extinguisher! The person in charge at the Fire-department shall be informed of the following:

  • Is there anyone in the facility?
  • The character of the fire (what is burning)?
  • Where is the centre of the fire?
  • What is in direct danger?

If extremely hot equipment (furnace) or charged devices are on fire, do not use water as to extinguish!
It is very important to leave the site intact for fire inspection and police investigation.