Children’s Wonderbath

Separately for each child age group and also together with families; a new bath shall be included that offers relexation full of great experiences. The Children’s Wonderbath conjures up the world of fairytales with its jolly atmosphere, two children’s pools, two waterslides and their accompanying pool, as well as an interior relexation area.

The more than 400 m2 bath and bath surface area have altogether 135 m2 water surface:

  • The baby-and-mommy-world is located at a separate area with its 28 cm deep pool, the surface area of which is 16 m2.
  • A separate 48 cm deep pool (16 m2) for small children.
  • The water slides provide unforgettable experiences, of which we will have two, with different difficulty levels! For our adventure-seeking guests there will be a slide that completes two full circles, while for our other guests an indoor open slide will provide unrestrained entertainment. A 122 cm deep (85 m2) entry pool will guarantee safe arrival.

Starting from the opening our oriental-style Moroccan bath facility will be available again only for our guests over 14.

If you come to us primarily because of wellness services and would like to reach the wellness facility and our special massages by walking a few stair-steps only, wearing a soft bathrobe, we recommend you the rooms and suites of the Bath House.

Good to know!

  • Out hotel guests can use this bath house without having to pay an extra fee.
  • Baby pool: temperature 35-37°C, depth 28 cm; Children’s pool: temperature 35-37°C, depth 48 cm; Entry pool: temperature 29-31°C, depth 1,22 m.
  • Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 09:00 to 21:00, Friday to Saturday: 09:00 to 22:00.
  • Wearing slippers is mandatory!
  • It is mandatory to follow the rules of use of the slides.

Pictures of the Children’s Wonderbath

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