We offer a whole range of massages to our guests – come and find the one you are looking for.

Aroma massage

50 minutes/HUF 8.500

Massage for the whole body with aroma oils.

Ayurvedic massage

50 minutes/HUF 13.000

80 minutes/HUF 17.000

Ayurvedic massage is an Indian massage therapy using holistic mentality and ancient Ayurvedic teachings. The oils used during the massage help to reach physical and mental harmony of the specific personality type. In Ayurvedic massage therapy we use warm and oily smoothing, rubbing, soft kneading and tapping movements, and at the end of the massage we thoroughly rub the body with a warm herbal bandage. After the massage our Guests feel better both physically and emotionally, they are back in harmony with themselves which will help them to reach a balance between themselves and their environment as well.

Back massage

25 minutes/HUF 4.900

Back massage performed with massage cream.

Child massage

10 minutes/HUF 2.000

Massage therapy is useful for everybody at any age. As a result of stroking and soft patting of the skin, positive emotions arise which is essential for children. Kids massage is an especially soft and low intensity technique suggested for children of 2 to 12 years. It has beneficial effect on the child’s physical and emotional state. It has positive effect on the immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems, on the bones and digestive system. The therapist treating the child considers the needs and personality of the child at every age. Every child reacts differently to the massage therapy, therefore if the child does not want to let go of the parents the mother or father can be present at the therapy.

Chocolate massage

50 minutes/HUF 8.500

During the massage, chocolate helps endorphin production and serotonin release, which is the hormone for happiness and joy.

Chocolate massage and body packaging

80 minutes/HUF 15.500

A treatment for pampering body and soul. Chocolate therapy helps the production of endorphin and the release of serotonin, the hormone of good humour and happiness. The cocoa body packaging has relaxing, nourishing, antioxidant and slimming effects.

Cleopatra honey massage

80 minutes/HUF 12.800

Massage for the whole body. We apply warm honey mixed with milk in a 2-3 mm thick layer and work it into the skin. Honey opens the pores, and the impurities and toxins can be eliminated. It makes skin soft, and also has a slimming effect. Beyond this, honey has a relaxing effect and prevents the reproduction of bacteria.

Face Massage

25 minutes/HUF 4.900

The face massage is quite the diverse treatment. It is able to relax us and pamper our skin and muscles at the same time. It improves the resilience of the epidermis, stimulates the regeneration of connective tissue and slows down the aging of the skin. During the massage our muscles are relaxed and their regeneration is accelerated.

Grapeseed Oil Massage

50 minutes/HUF 8.500

The antioxidant, cell-renewing effects and pleasant scent of the Vitamin E-rich oil heals and relaxes at the same time.

Herbal massage

80 minutes/HUF 14.000

Herbal massage is carried out with a herb dolly (small sack) that has a grip on it. This massage is very efficient for the muscle pain that resulted from excessive physical strain. As the vapour, which comes from the dolly, enters the lungs, the body absorbs the healing herb molecules. When pushed to respective body parts, the herb sack relieves muscle pain, enhances blood circulation and refreshes the skin.

The vapour flowing out from the sack is absorbed by the skin as the skin “inhales” it. It helps the body to discharge toxins. Applied along the energy matrix, this massage is efficient in itself; however, it can be also used as a complementary treatment to any other massage.
Pushing the sack to body parts relieves the inflammation of muscles, arthritis and helps fatigue. Since herb vapour massage is carried out with natural herbs, it also has cosmetic effects.

Himalayan Salt Massage

50 minutes/HUF 8.500

The salty massage removes upper dead skin cells, but also detoxifies deeper epithelial tissue. Its high micronutrient and mineral content is absorbed; it vitalizes blood circulation, improves cellular metabolism and sebaceous performance. During treatment the immune system is strengthened, and the skin is hydrated while becoming more beautiful. Its pain relief effect is excellent; it is also recommended against respiratory illnesses – regardless of whether they are chronic or acute.

Indian head massage

50 minutes/HUF 9.500

The massage involves the elements of acupuncture. It aims to loosen the upper back, the arms, the neck, the head and the face. The massage is performed with oil that gives a healthy shine to hair and beautifies the skin.

Lava stone massage

50 minutes/HUF 12.000

It is performed with basalt stones of volcanic origin. The stones are heated up in hot water and put onto the chacras. Stones heat up the muscle fibres. We can reach a deep relaxation effect during the treatment, our guest will feel better, it will take a shorter time for them to gain their energies and spiritual balance back.

Lavender Massage

50 minutes/HUF 8.500

During the massage, beside its pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects, its scent also has healing properties. The relaxing effect of the inhaled oil synergizes well with its other properties.

Lymphatic Massage

60 minutes/HUF 15.000

Lymphatic massage is a special type of massage that improves lymph function, quells lymphoedema, activates the immune system, stimulates the delivery of excretory products, assists in the regeneration of cells and tissues and lowers the affinity for inflammation. The aim of the massage is to remove the accumulated water and toxins in tissues, eliminate swelling and increase the resilience of the body. As a result of this, the rate at which excretory materials are excreted from the body is heightened. The rhythmic, gentle movements of lymph drainage pleasantly relax the body. Useful and recommended for: allergies, asthma, chronic pains, cellulite, decreasing cellulitis, immune-strengthening, headaches, migraines, for when there is painful strain on the breasts, relieving the symptoms of arthrosis, joint inflammation, rheumatism, alleviation of gastrointestinal complaints as well as weight loss. What’s more important is that it is a preventive measure.

Manager massage

20 minutes/HUF 4.000

The massage refreshes the neck, shoulders and the back which are most frequently exposed to pain during office work. As a result of the therapy the brain starts to charge up in a few minutes.

Moroccan massage

25 minutes/HUF 4.900

The energy of touch relaxes the body and the mind; it provides renewal and therefore is useful for hyperactive people who are always in a rush. The treatment is performed with oil.

Raindrop Massage

55 minutes/HUF 15.000

Raindrop therapy using 100% purity essential oils not only relieves pain and restores physical wellness, but also enables the whole body to activate the self-healing mechanisms. The effect of the therapy is much more than physical benefits. The effect of only one single treatment lasts for more weeks. It relieves pain, normalises the nervous system, soothes muscles and has anti-inflammatory effect. It improves blood circulation and detoxification and strengthens the immune system. The therapist spreads the different oils on the feet and spine in a predetermined order and softly massages them into the skin. Hot towel used at the end of the therapy strengthens the effect of the oil mixture and therefore the detoxifying effect lasts for a week in the whole organism.

Relaxing massage

50 minutes/HUF 8.000

Classic Swedish body massage, performed with massage cream on the whole body.

Sole massage with Swedish massage

25 minutes/HUF 4.500

Sole massage is one of the most ancient of cures, and it aims to restore the harmony of the body and soul. Thanks to the more than 70,000 nerve endings on the sole the whole body may be cured through it. As part of our service sole massage, this wonderful art of touch, is coupled with a Swedish massage. This type of massage supports spiritual health with the power of touch.

Thai foot massage

50 minutes/HUF 7.500

Foot and sole massage with a special rosewood stick from Thailand.

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