We offer a whole range of massages to our guests – come and find the one you are looking for.

You may read the indications and contraindications of our massage service by clicking here. Please inform yourself before accessing the service! At the Spa reception our colleagues can provide more detailed information regarding the treatments and massages. Our guests may make appointments for treatments on location.

Anti-gravity face massage with a skin structure improving veil mask

40 minutes/HUF 8.900

With the applied manual massage technique the guest may experience a long-term, spectacular and immediately palpable lifting effect, all of the movements of which we are using against the visible signs of gravity. During the treatment the physiological processes of the connective tissue are quickened, the blood and oxygen supply of cells and fibers are intensified; aging is slowed, and the skin’s hydration is also amplified, as a result of which it becomes smooth and velvety.
Following the skin’s thorough cleaning and the anti-gravity massage utilizing oil mixtures containing rejuvenating agents we are intensifying the effect with a veil mask improving the skin structure.

Aroma massage

50 minutes/HUF 9.900

This is a pampering, relaxing, classic Swedish body massage using various massage oils on the entire surface of the body. The massage – depending on the nature of the complaints, as well as on the desires of the guest – is done using oils with different aromas.

Aroma massage with pain relieving oils

50 minutes/HUF 11.000

We primarily recommend the aroma massage with pain relieving oils for those guests who are doing serious physical work or are doing sports on a daily basis. The massage affects the whole body, but during the treatment the masseuse focuses on a problematic region or point of the body. The decision of which bodypart requires the treatment, as well as the selection of the pain relieving oil is based on specific needs. The aim of the massage is to alleviate painful points of the body, regenerate stiff muscles faster, as well as to improve well-being and spirit.

Ayurvedic massage

60 minutes/HUF 15.000

Ayurvedic massage is an Indian massage therapy using holistic mentality and ancient Ayurvedic teachings. The oils used during the massage help to reach physical and mental harmony of the specific personality type. In Ayurvedic massage therapy we use warm and oily smoothing, rubbing, soft kneading and tapping movements, and at the end of the massage we thoroughly rub the body with a warm herbal bandage. After the massage our Guests feel better both physically and emotionally, they are back in harmony with themselves which will help them to reach a balance between themselves and their environment as well.

Back massage

25 minutes/HUF 5.900

Back massage performed with massage cream.

Bamboo massage

50 minutes/HUF 13.200

The bamboo massage is an oil treatment during which we use bamboo and rattan rods specific for each body part in order to achieve optimal pressure. With the help of the rods even the deep muscles are easily accessible, therefore not only does the massage relax you and relieve your stress, it also fills the body with energy, stimulates blood circulation and the performance of the lymphatic system, while also easing pain and tiredness.

Cavitation lypolisis and/or skin tightening

Cavitation lypolisis

60 minutes/HUF 13.990

Cavitation is an explosion caused by a strong sound wave, as a result of which fat cells literally explode, then individually separated, exploded and detached from the connective tissue they exit through the lymphatic system.

  • Treament 60 minutes: 30 minute cavitation + 30 vacuum

Effects: a reduction of circumference measurable in centimeters can be achieved, even after the first treatment changes can be seen on the skin, it becomes tighter.

Skin tightening

30 minutes/HUF 9.900

60 minutes/HUF 13.990

The skin tightening is done using a quadropolar radio frequency head, which is comfortable, painless and in a short span of time an incredible amount of collagen is generated in the skin, therefore achieving smooth skin on the treated surface.

  • Short treatment 30 minutes: exfoliation + treament of one body region (abdomen, thigh or cleavage)
  • Long treatment 60 minutes: exfoliation + thighs and abdomen

Effects: tightening of loose skin (weight loss, childbirth), bottom tightening, cleavage rejuvenation, jowl treatment, facial tightening, wrinkle removal.

Child backmassage

20 minutes/HUF 4.500

Massage therapy is useful for everybody at any age. As a result of stroking and soft patting of the skin, positive emotions arise which is essential for children. Kids massage is an especially soft and low intensity technique suggested for children of 2 to 12 years. It has beneficial effect on the child’s physical and emotional state. It has positive effect on the immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems, on the bones and digestive system. The therapist treating the child considers the needs and personality of the child at every age. Every child reacts differently to the massage therapy, therefore if the child does not want to let go of the parents the mother or father can be present at the therapy.

Chocolate massage

50 minutes/HUF 9.500

During the massage, chocolate helps endorphin production and serotonin release, which is the hormone for happiness and joy.

Chocolate massage and body packaging

80 minutes/HUF 15.900

A treatment for pampering body and soul. Chocolate therapy helps the production of endorphin and the release of serotonin, the hormone of good humour and happiness. The cocoa body packaging has relaxing, nourishing, antioxidant and slimming effects.

Cleopatra honey massage

80 minutes/HUF 13.500

Massage for the whole body. We apply warm honey mixed with milk in a 2-3 mm thick layer and work it into the skin. Honey opens the pores, and the impurities and toxins can be eliminated. It makes skin soft, and also has a slimming effect. Beyond this, honey has a relaxing effect and prevents the reproduction of bacteria.

Face Massage

25 minutes/HUF 4.900

The face massage is quite the diverse treatment. It is able to relax us and pamper our skin and muscles at the same time. It improves the resilience of the epidermis, stimulates the regeneration of connective tissue and slows down the aging of the skin. During the massage our muscles are relaxed and their regeneration is accelerated.

Herbal massage

50 minutes/HUF 13.000

Herbal massage is carried out with a herb dolly (small sack) that has a grip on it. This massage is very efficient for the muscle pain that resulted from excessive physical strain. As the vapour, which comes from the dolly, enters the lungs, the body absorbs the healing herb molecules. When pushed to respective body parts, the herb sack relieves muscle pain, enhances blood circulation and refreshes the skin.

The vapour flowing out from the sack is absorbed by the skin as the skin “inhales” it. It helps the body to discharge toxins. Applied along the energy matrix, this massage is efficient in itself; however, it can be also used as a complementary treatment to any other massage.
Pushing the sack to body parts relieves the inflammation of muscles, arthritis and helps fatigue. Since herb vapour massage is carried out with natural herbs, it also has cosmetic effects.

Himalayan Salt Massage

50 minutes/HUF 12.900

The salty massage removes upper dead skin cells, but also detoxifies deeper epithelial tissue. Its high micronutrient and mineral content is absorbed; it vitalizes blood circulation, improves cellular metabolism and sebaceous performance. During treatment the immune system is strengthened, and the skin is hydrated while becoming more beautiful. Its pain relief effect is excellent; it is also recommended against respiratory illnesses – regardless of whether they are chronic or acute.

Indian head massage

50 minutes/HUF 9.900

The massage involves the elements of acupuncture. It aims to loosen the upper back, the arms, the neck, the head and the face. The massage is performed with oil that gives a healthy shine to hair and beautifies the skin.

Lava stone massage

50 minutes/HUF 12.500

It is performed with basalt stones of volcanic origin. The stones are heated up in hot water and put onto the chacras. Stones heat up the muscle fibres. We can reach a deep relaxation effect during the treatment, our guest will feel better, it will take a shorter time for them to gain their energies and spiritual balance back.

Lymphatic Massage

60 minutes/HUF 15.000

Lymphatic massage is a special type of massage that improves lymph function, quells lymphoedema, activates the immune system, stimulates the delivery of excretory products, assists in the regeneration of cells and tissues and lowers the affinity for inflammation. The aim of the massage is to remove the accumulated water and toxins in tissues, eliminate swelling and increase the resilience of the body. As a result of this, the rate at which excretory materials are excreted from the body is heightened. The rhythmic, gentle movements of lymph drainage pleasantly relax the body. Useful and recommended for: allergies, asthma, chronic pains, cellulite, decreasing cellulitis, immune-strengthening, headaches, migraines, for when there is painful strain on the breasts, relieving the symptoms of arthrosis, joint inflammation, rheumatism, alleviation of gastrointestinal complaints as well as weight loss. What’s more important is that it is a preventive measure.

Manager massage

20 minutes/HUF 4.500

The massage refreshes the neck, shoulders and the back which are most frequently exposed to pain during office work. As a result of the therapy the brain starts to charge up in a few minutes.

Mother-to-be massage

30 minutes/HUF 8.900

This massage offers an opportunity for expectant mothers to relax and to relieve the back and waist pains prevalent among many of the mothers, as well as to eliminate stress. After the second trimester, namely, starting from the 12th week, this is recommended for every healthy expectant mother.

Polynesian massage

50 minutes/HUF 15.000

The Polynesian massage is mainly a warm oil-forearm massage technique that relaxes the entire body, cradles it playfully, while simultaneously exercising each joint one by one.
It is remarkably relaxing, stress-relieving and calming; through alternatingly hard and gentle touches it helps in releasing the tension accumulating in deeper muscles and tissues, erasing internal blocks and thereby allowing us to view our lives in a clearer, calmer state.
Based on physical and spiritual state it includes back, shoulder, neck, hip, waist, arm, leg face and head massages.

Reflex zone sole massage (with full body refreshing massage)

50 minutes/HUF 9.900

80 minutes/HUF 12.900

The massage has an impact both on the body as well as the soul. Its goal is the improvement of well-being, the refreshment and relaxation of the entire body. The reflex points of all organs may be found on the sole; this stimulates the given organ’s function, energy level, assists in the relief of energy blocks and the detoxification of organs. The beneficial effects of the massage are heightened using aromatic oils, which the guests may freely choose out of many scents based on their preference. When choosing the 80-minute treatment, in order to supplement the reflex zone sole massage we are applying a full body refreshing massage, which, among other things, we are expanding with a harmonizing, relaxing, immune-system strengthening programme tailored to the guest’s needs.

Relaxing massage

50 minutes/HUF 9.500

Relaxing body massage, performed with massage cream or oil on the whole body.

Sole massage with Swedish massage

25 minutes/HUF 5.500

Relaxing massage variety.

Spine-regenerating, posture-improving massage

50 minutes/HUF 11.900

80 minutes/HUF 14.900

During the treatment, the tension of the joints and muscles of the spine along the neck, back and lumbar region is alleviated. The muscles are stretched and exercised; the thigh and the hip are also included, since they are often the cause for lower back pain. When necessary, the treament is also supplemented by cupping, with which the muscles that are lying deeper may be loosened up more effectively. In case your choice lands on the 80-minute massage, the session may also include the treatment of the sole’s reflex point, with which the entire length of the spine can be relaxed. For the sake of long term success, the guests are taught stretching exercies that can be done at home, which they may also apply during everyday life, so that additional unpleasant, painful sensations may be prevented.

Sport Massage

60 minutes/HUF 15.000

Massage technique based on western traditions. Its technique greatly resembles Swedish massage; but this is a significantly more intensive, stronger form of it.
Sport massage plays an important role in the lives of all athletes, regardless of whether they are injured or not. It is essential in treating certain injuries and the prevention of future injuries.
Its beneficial effects may be further increased with muscle relaxing creams and oils which help the warming-up of musculature, its circulation and oxygen supply!

Thai foot massage

50 minutes/HUF 9.500

Massaging the sole and leg up to the knee, as well as the upper back section and head. The massage is done using a special Thai rosewood rod. During the treatment the main emphasis is placed on the massaging of the leg and sole.

Thai massage – oiled

60 minutes/HUF 14.000

It is an ancient, natural healing method that has remained popular to this day, since it is safe, does not have any side effects and is not toxic or harmful for health. The thai massage balances out the elements of the body, increases the protective power of the body, stimulated the blood and lymphatic circulation. Applicable for sleeping disorders, in stressful states, as well as to relieve pain. Massage dedicated for specific areas of the body promote full relexation.

Thai Oil Back Massage

30 minutes/HUF 9.900

The back massage fuses the western and Thai massage technique. Its specific characteristic is that the warm oil treatment is done along the energy paths. The masseuse stretches the muscles using their palms, forearms and elbows, loosens the joints and stimulates acupressure points, as a result of which energy blocks are released in the system.

Tui-Na massage therapy

50 minutes/HUF 13.000

The Tui-Na massage is an ancient Chinese cure, the primary goal of which is the restoration of the body’s energy flows. Preventive and regenerating massage that is done using the elbow, fingers and palms, with varying degrees of intensity and stretching exercises. As a result of the massage the energy flow of the meridians is harmonized, the blocks dissipate, the blood circulation is improved and the pain is lessened. Apart from healing musculoskeletal problems it is used for the treatment of chronic pain, migraine, abdominal and internal organ-related complaints. The treatment involves the entire body; it starts with the thorough massaging of the reflex zones of the feet, and according to the specific problems it continues with the massaging of the joints. The Tui-Na massage becomes a complex therapy by applying various techniques, stimulating acupressure points and combining the treatment of the tendon and musicle track. Its effects include the recharging and harmonization of the body.

Adult massage

The massages for adults are spiritual, which requires a suitable mental maturity, therefore these are only for our guests over 18 years old.

Gua-sha massage

30 minutes/HUF 13.000

50 minutes/HUF 15.000

Goal of the Gua-sha massage: Using a special scraping, with characteristic scraping movement we massage the herb oil that has been applied along the meridians into the skin, facilitating the the flow of Qi and blood in the meridians.
It is a special massage for which special scrapers made of semi-precious stones, silver, wood or even buffalo horns are used. The name’s direct translation is “negative scraping,” namely “gua” – scrapings and “sha” – negative. With the help of this massage the toxins are excreted from the body through the skin, blood circulation improves, lymph flow increases, the muscles are relaxed and the swelling subsides. The “Gua-sha” technique is one of the most ancient natural remedies of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), which is getting more and more recognition in the western world as well.

Lomi-Lomi massage

60 minutes/HUF 15.000

A kind of full-body massage in which the masseuse operates with long-drawn forearm movements.
Lomi-Lomi is often described as an improving, nourishing massage providing a loving touch; the art of touch. However this unique form of healing provides even more. A true change of dimension that elevates.
Apart from a massage, Lomi-Lomi also means change, replacement and shifting.
Lomi-Lomi massage is in fact part of the Hawaii methods of healing, which have been laid down by generations and the knowledge was passed down among families from parent to child, therefore continuously improving and transforming. The Hawaii healing is a tradition which carries with it different techniques and methods even among the families and islands, which are based on the secret recipes and methods of family traditions.
“Remain quiet and listen! The method is simple: the masseuse does the work and the wisdom arrives by itself” – says a Hawaiian Kahuna.

Love massage

50 minutes/HUF 13.000

The goal of love massage is the restoration of the body’s physical and spiritual harmony.
As a result of the love massage, feelings of happiness and joy shall wash over your entire system. Its effects dissolve the negative experiences accumulated in the muscles; cramps are released, the outside world’s stimuli are dulled out. In terms of its energy distribution, the entire system is balanced out and recharged. This is a stress-releasing method done through pleasant, delicate touch. The pressures of meeting expectations, as well as complexes and fears are pushed back.
The specific nature and effectiveness of the love massage lies in the fact that during the massage, the masseuse touches the body as light as a feather and only makes delicate movements. The love massage restores the system’s operational balance, dissolves tension, assists in relaxation and is beneficial to the harmony of the body, the mind and the spirit.

Taoist massage

60 minutes/HUF 20.000

90 minutes/HUF 30.000

The goal of the massage is to relax you, therefore initiating your energy flow so that you will be able to give and receive pleasure more easily and more fulfillingly. It opens the way for sacred energies to flow freely in our bodies, thus leading to better health, spiritual peace and a more fulfilling emotional life. It teaches us how to stimulate our bodies’ basic energies using simple massage techniques. This art is available for anyone who wishes to achieve an even higher level of sensual experience.
What does this massage provide for us? Unleashes vitality. Improves confidence, heals and relaxes. Makes times of intimacy more meaningful. Provides a new chance for problematic relationships. It is a blessing for every couple to be able to partake in the taoist magic that the free flow of energy means. Giving and receiving, trusting and being trustworthy, expressing and accepting independence while also feeling togetherness. It is a technique built on thousands of years of knowledge that you may learn together with your partner.

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