To those who like the active way of recreation, we recommend our Sport Centre. In the building, resembling the atmosphere of a knight’s castle, you can find bowling greens, squash courts, a fitness room, billiard, table soccer, darts and toy machines.

The opening hours of our Sport Centre change on a seasonal basis. If you wish to use the services thereof also outside of the opening hours, please indicate it at the reception.

Should you get thirsty during sport? It’s not a problem: in our cocktail bar, in addition to the colourful and spectacular drinks, we also offer fruit teas, assisting the detoxifying processes of the body.

Table soccer

Table soccerTable soccer is a ball game that is played on a table, and with which we can feel the joy of shooting goals.

It has become very popular also in Hungary in recent years: it has occurred in bars, workplaces and festivals. It is an excellent source of entertainment for groups of friends and families. One chip costs HUF 50.

No soccer without beer: to intensify the good atmosphere and excitement, we recommend the drink bar in our Sport Centre.


BowlingBowling is the knights’ tournament of modern ages: a sport that can be a perfect source of recreation for families, companies and friends.

Our Sport Centre has two bowling greens. The game can be played in groups or also as individuals. Price: HUF 4,500/greens.

Upon request, we can organise bowling competitions with valuable prizes for groups of friends.


BilliardBilliard probably needs no introduction.

To improve your abilities and raise your spirits, we recommend the regular consumption of some shots in the Drink Bar of our Sport Centre.

The fee of using the billiard table is HUF 2,000/hour/table.


DartsThe indispensible accessory of all pubs is darts, which has grown a world-wide sport by today.

Price: HUF 500/30 minutes, HUF 1.000/60 minutes

Game machines

Game machinesBe the protagonist of the Ghostbusters, traverse space and time and battle the ghosts!
With Air Hockey and Speedball you will need fast arm- and legwork, as well as quick reflexes. Pay close attention to your opponent’s every move, ‘cause if you drift off, the ball will hit the target with a loud bang… who’ll be the ace?

Price: HUF 300/1 game


FallabdaSquash has several different types. In our hotel, like at most places, the game is played with a soft ball. The soft ball moves fast on the court but after bouncing on the wall or the floor, it slows down significantly. This way, rallies can get longer.

The game causes high strain on your body and muscles. During a game you can burn even 700 calories. You can rent a room for HUF 2,500/ hour. The rent for equipment (rackets and ball) is HUF 800/hour.

Fitness room

Fitness roomFitness means good condition, health and stamina. It is gaining bigger space also in Hungary day by day. We recommend our fitness room to the lovers of this sport.

The equipment in our fitness room: 1 treadmill, 2 exercise bikes, 1 stepper, 1 elliptic trainer, 1 multi trainer, 1 punch bag – gloves can be requested at the counter.

Hotel guests can use the fitness room free of charge.

Play corner

Play cornerStorybooks, colour pencils and colouring books await children in this little nook, while the parents play billiard or bowling. This way, parents can enjoy a few hours together but still separate from their children.

Hotel guests can use the play corner free of charge.

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