Palace Bath

The Palace Bath, a citadel of relaxation, is located in the Palace building. Its style invokes the world of Turkish baths.

With the opening of the Renaissance Palace a new wellness facility has also been added to the variety of services offered by the estate, fulfilling a long-standing wish of many returning and also, hopefully, new guests. The Palace Bath is the citadel of relaxation, the “sanctuary” of refreshment and regeneration for body and soul, free of children’s noise, and so only guests above 18 may use it.

The humid air of the Palace Bath invokes the world of Turkish Baths. The temperature of the jacuzzi is 36°C, that of the relaxation pool is 34°C and the diving pool 19°C.

Visiting the Palace Bath is recommended to guests for whom the culture of wellness is important. The benefit of booking a room or suite in the Palace is that you can reach the quiet wellness facility within the building, by walking down only a few stairs.

Good to know!

  • Out hotel guests can use this bath house without having to pay an extra fee.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday: 10:00-18:00, from Friday to Sunday: 10:00-19:00.
  • Wearing slippers is mandatory!

Pictures of the Palace Bath

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