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All year round

The Theme Park, located next to the Castle Hotel, is the first thematic adventure park in Hungary. It invokes and brings to life the medieval Hungary in a unique way; with the contribution of craftsmen, actors and battle-hardened horsemen, as well as with the help of archers. You may gather informations of the Theme Park’s opening days and programs in detail from the official website of the Them Park.

Our hotel guests can exchange tickets for the opening days of the Experience Estate with a 10% discount.

The Theme Park can be visited all year round. During travelling in time from morning till evening both children and adults (irrespective of age and gender) can find the program and activity that they find the most exciting. The Puchner Castle Hotel has a separate entrance to the Theme Park; therefore our hotel guests can enter the Middle Ages directly, on the shortest possible route.

All around the world, thematic adventure parks bring to life different topics – such as historic eras, tales, different games – by creating an environment, authentic to age and history, on a large closed area. Many say they are similar to amusement parks and it is partially true. Theme parks, however, usually mean more and offer more to visitors than traditional amusement parks.

The Theme Park, extending on 7.5 acres, can be divided in five large parts: Wonder Village, Old Town, Main Square, Renaissance Palace and Jousting Arena. In the nearly 35 buildings workshops, shops, restaurants and other rooms suitable for trainings and workshops, have been established.

More information on the official website of the Theme Park:

Wonder Village

In addition to the joy that comes from all the new experiences, the Wonder Village offers several craftsman activities and other intriguing pastime programmes. The House of the Magic Painter invites everyone to an extraordinary exhibition, the Witch’s House offers frighteningly exciting moments for our guests, who also have the opportunity to try their hands at craftsman activities and traditional toys carved from wood at the Green Walnut Tavern. Guests may observe the work of the master smith and test their abilities with a sword and bow at the Kinizsi Camp!

Old Town

Old TownAt the foot of the southern gate we can see the bustling of the town’s baker.

The houses of the tailor and the wood carver are just a street away, where passers-by can also witness the hustle and bustle of the little town.

The close row of houses are connected by cobblestone streets.
In lunchtime the Inn guests can contemplate the events of old times while having different kinds of culinary masterpieces and they can also give an eye to the members of the younger generation walking proudly in and out the gate of the Page Training Centre.

Bird Stage

When a crowd leaves the Wonder Village and heads toward the blacksmith and the water mill, soon they are going to see something so special – no matter if you’re a kid or an elder – that they won’t find anywhere else in the world. Sitting on the stage, one might participate in one of these diverse performances: you may view the performance that brings the medieval ages to life, or the arms presentation, or on special occasions even see the bird flight performances done by experts.

Jousting Arena

Jousting ArenaThe most spectacular station of the Theme Park is the Jousting Arena, where visitors can see contemporary knights’ tournaments, spectacular battle scenes and skilful horse shows.

Main Square

The main square is the bustling hub of our village. This vast expanse on the one hand is an important route, for this serves as the road on which one may travel from the Old Town to the Jousting Arena and the stables, and on the other hand is a location which promises many great experiences in itself.

Knights’ Hall

The Knights’ Hall, suitable for 250 persons, is located in the Palace building. Our guests can have their meals here in a room decorated with medieval wall paintings, in a lordly ambiance.

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