Inn of the White Swan

At the Theme Park next to the Puchner Castle Hotel, next to the Swan Lake you will find the world renowned Inn of the White Swan. The smells of mouth-watering delicacies permeate the environment and lure in guests already from afar into the Inn, which awaits its patrons with medieval style furniture and food offers.

In the two-storey building you may select from a wide variety of dishes in an unconventional, historically faithful environment, under wooden beams, among authentic decoration and quiet renaissance music; among others, the offer includes soups, oven-baked meats, sous vide meats, steamed cabbage, potatoes, tarte flambée, and a whole range of homemade flavoured courses can be found, where children can choose food they like every day. After enjoying your meal you may quench your thirst with coffee, soda, beer, wine or even pálinka.

Pictures of the Inn

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