Grove House

Each minute spent in the rooms of the Grove House is a true natural experience. The building is located in a wooded park, in the immediate vicinity of which there is a parking lot; therefore no lengthy trips with luggage are necessary.

Most rooms are accompanied by a spacious terrace. It is an ideal choice for groups of friends, families or guests arriving with small pets.

Rooms, suites

The Grove House awaits its guests with two room types: standard rooms and standard suites. The rooms are outfitted with modern furniture; the colour palette of the walls is dominated by bright colours, so the interiors are bright and cozy.

The standard rooms consist of 3 parts – antechamber, bathroom, bedroom – and end with a spacious terrace, in which it feels good to sit down, breathe fresh air and recharge.

Stepping into the standard suites we find ourselves in the antechamber; from here a bathroom and the ground level living room opens, which is a perfect location to spend time together. Stairs lead to the upper level from the living room, where we shall find a smaller living room, a lavatory and one or more bedrooms. A total of three suites have terraces.

Grove House Room Prices

Valid through: 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2022

Room Single bed price Double bed price
Standard room 30.450 HUF/person/night 21.950 HUF/person/night
Standard suite 32.450 HUF/person/night 23.950 HUF/person/night

Photos of the Grove House

The Grove House from the outside

The Grove House from the inside

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