All year round

Handicrafts activities that may be viewed or participated in: Smithy, bookbinding, enamel and glass picture making. Options also include making photo mugs and decorative boxes.

The bookbinding table is always bustling. You may purchase souvenirs like charters, prayer books, calendars and mugs as well. Those interested may also have a mug made that is decorated with your own photo. By appointment there is also a chance to try your hand at bookbinding too.

Smithy, enamel and glass picture maker
Around our enamel and smith craftsmen people of all ages are gathering, since a guest may find themselves a creative activity from ages 2-3 without an upper age limit. Glass pictures, jewelry, necklaces, medals, rings, pictures, bracelets by the table are not only purchasable, but those with a willingness to create may make their own pieces, while the masters are letting them in on the history and most important techniques of the profession.

We reserve the right to change program.

Good to know!

  • You may inform yourself on the dates of the handicrafts activities from the programme guide booklet received upon arrival.
  • You may inquire further on the mentioned activities by the craftsmen.
  • The number of craftsmen may occasionally vary.

Pictures of the craftsmen


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