The Castle is the embodiment of elegance and generates a feeling of aristocracy. The building truly evokes the atmosphere of the 19th century neo-classicist castle, as if we had gone back into the era of the Habsburgs.

The inner space of the rooms and salons, their chandeliers and the old, elegant but comfortable furniture evoke a contemporary atmosphere. Its uniquely designed carpets, marble stairs and Italian furniture make it truly special.

This atmosphere is the favourite of our guests over 50 who like the interior design of the 19th century, as well as the style of luxury and elegance. The ground floor is free of stairs, allowing for freedom from strenuous moves or obstacles.

Rooms and suites

In the castle building, there are altogether 20 rooms on three storeys. Each of the floors of the castle has a unique atmosphere thanks to the special composition of colours:

  • the blue rooms on the first floor reflect a coolness of aristocracy,
  • the green rooms on the second floor give off a lively spring and warm summer atmosphere
  • while the English-style rooms of the third floor, gently detailed with small flowery patterns throughout, intimately offer a delicate feminine ambiance.

The presidential suite embodies the luxury of lords. It offers the feeling of aristocracy, with its uniquely designed carpets and four-poster bed. From its 16 m² balcony there is a wonderful view to the castle park. If you request your breakfast to the suite, you can eat it on the balcony, while admiring the courtyard and the park of the castle.

Room prices in the Castle

Validity: 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2022

Room Single room price Double room price
Standard room - Castle from 70.500 Ft/person/night from 47.000 Ft/person/night
Superior room - Castle from 70.500 Ft/person/night from 47.000 Ft/person/night
Standard suite - Castle from 79.700 Ft/person/night from 53.200 Ft/person/night
Deluxe suite - Castle from 95.300 Ft/person/night from 63.500 Ft/person/night
Presidential suite - Castle from 98.300 Ft/person/night from 61.500 Ft/person/night

The history of the castle

The history of the construction of the castle is connected to the name of Baron Antal Szaniszló Puchner (1779-1852) who came from Selmecbánya. The Baron’s wish to obtain an estate intensified in 1839, as he wanted to be sure that his capital was safe. The emperor granted the estate of Bikal (including three villages) to him in 1841. According to the family archives, Baron Antal Puchner first visited his estate in May 1841; at that time, there were no mansions or castles in the village yet.

The baron fell in love with the estate that was hiding at the foot of the Mecsek Hills, among the slopes of Hegyhát, and started to build a castle in the late 1840’s. We have no information about the exact date. Even in the family archives we can find only one piece of information in connection with this: that when the general’s son, Hannibál, visited the estate in September 1849, he reported to his father that the building was ready, and only some minor interior works had to be completed upstairs.

The general’s son, Hannibál, took over the estate in 1961. He remodelled the castle and established a park. Hannibál’s elder son, Károly, had great plans about extending and renovating the castle but due to his early death, the plans had to be implemented by his young widow.

The late beaux-arts design of the castle – which can be seen also today – was created during the renovations which ended in 1898. The current owner purchased the former Puchner estate from the Bikal State Cooperative in 1993, and started the renovation. The castle hotel opened its gates in May 1996.

Pictures about the castle

The castle from the outside

The castle from the inside

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