The four-star Puchner Castle Hotel is located near Dombóvár, in the heart of Bikal.

Our address: H-7346 Bikal, Rákóczi Ferenc utca 22.

7346 Bikal, Rákóczi utca 22.

Budapest-Bikal (185 km)

From Budapest you can reach Bikal taking the M6 motorway until Szekszárd and then taking the main road; or the M7 motorway until Siófok and then the 61 main road, through Dombóvár.

Pécs – Bikal (55 km)

From Pécs, you can reach Bikal on the shortest route on the road passing by Hosszúhetény, through winding roads embraced by forests, crossing Magyaregregy, and then turning towards Egyházaskozár in Szászvár. If you wish to avoid the winding roads in the forest, we recommend the road 66 and the Pécs-Mánfa-Sásd-Kaposszekcső-Bikal route.

Dombóvár – Bikal (15 km)

From Dombóvár, you can reach Bikal through Mágocs. In the winter, when roads may be slippery and traffic conditions bad, we recommend taking the road 611 and the Kaposszekcső- Csikóstőttős -Mágocs route.

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