Wellness & Spa

The Puchner Castle Hotel is a true citadel of wellness: a French-style bath, a bath with Moroccan atmosphere, a renaissance Palace Bath and a Children’s Wonderbath await wellness-lovers.

While our adult guests are quenching their unexpected thirsts for drinks and food in our Spa’s Café, carefree fun and games await the children in the free-to-use Play Corner that opens directly from the Café.

Important notice

We would like to inform our dear guests that on Friday and Saturday the wellness services are not available for our external guests due to the high number of hotel guests. These services are only available to our external guests between Sunday and Thursday, after prior registration.

French-style Bath

French-style BathIn Hungary’s first wellness facility, our French-style bath you can find pools with different experience elements, jacuzzis, children’s pool, relaxation beds, Finnish and infra sauna.

Here, you can bath in mineral water: the water in the pools is thermal water that is qualified “recognised mineral water”, is 29.4 °C warm and is rich in magnesium, calcium, fluorine and sodium bicarbonate.

Our hotel guests can use this bath without having to pay an extra fee.

Children’s Wonderbath

Children's WonderbathNew wellness section! Separately for each child age group and also together with families; a new bath shall be included that offers relaxation full of great experiences.

Children’s Wonderbath conjures up the world of fairytales with its jolly atmosphere, two children’s pools, two waterslides and their accompanying pool, as well as an interior relaxation area.

Our hotel guests can use this bath without having to pay an extra fee.

Moroccan Bath

Moroccan BathResembling the world of One Thousand and One Nights with its soft draperies and colours, our Moroccan-style bath facility pampers guests with a counter-current pool, a deep diving pool and two jacuzzis.

We recommend visiting this facility to guests who are attracted to the oriental-style wellness culture.

Our hotel guests can use this bath without having to pay an extra fee.

Palace Bath

Palace BathThe Palace Bath located in the Renaissance Palace has also been added to the variety of services offered by the estate, fulfilling a long-standing wish of many returning and, hopefully, new guests, too: the Palace Bath is the citadel of relaxation, the “sanctuary” of refreshment and regeneration for body and soul, free of children’s noise, and so only guests above 18 may use it.

The benefit of booking accommodation in the Palace is that we can reach the quiet wellness facility within the building, by walking a few stair-steps only.

Our hotel guests can use this bath without having to pay an extra fee.

VIP Bath: the Island of Harmony

VIP BathOur exclusive service, with which we would like to offer a special experience to guests, is called the “Harmony Island” (VIP Bath).

We recommend renting the VIP Bath to couples who would like to spend 2 hours peacefully, along with a bottle of champagne and fruit. The room also has a jacuzzi and an infra cabin.

Outdoor pool

Outdoor poolDuring the summer season a 25 m long outdoor waveless pool awaits our guests with its 250 m² surface.

Our hotel guests can use the pool without having to pay an extra fee.


SaunaUsing the sauna regularly has a beneficial effect on the heart and circular system functions, it is excellent for training the veins and easing stress.

In our Bath House and Palace Bath you can find Finnish sauna (80-100°C), steam bath (50-55°C) and infra sauna.

Our hotel guests can use the saunas without having to pay an extra free.


MassageWe offer a whole range of massages to our guests – come and find the one you are looking for!


BeautyIt is likely that you have also wished for yourself to feel better in your skin than before: our beauty salon helps you accomplish that using special cosmetics.
At the Spa reception our colleagues can provide more detailed information regarding the treatments and massages. Our guests may make appointments for treatments on location.


ChiropracticThe massage therapy relaxes tight muscles, improves blood circulation, stimulates lymph circulation and enhances metabolism.

Guests can use our massage treatments for additional charge.

Salt theraphy room

Salt theraphy roomBased on the vaporisation of saturated salt solution, salt therapy has a very good effect on respiratory organs and their diseases and therefore on the operation of our whole body.


In cloudy weather our body and soul long for sunshine, and the solarium offers a simple but great opportunity to tone up our pale white skin.

Guests can use our solarium for additional charge.


The concept is based on Newton’s Law of gravitation. As the plates on the FLABéLOS move up and down at different speeds, your body naturally tries to stabilise. These changes in amplitude and speed increase the impact on the muscles and create more involuntary muscle contractions. The continuous alternating tilting movement results in muscle contractions and generates vibration impulses to your muscles.

Guests can use our Flabélos for additional charge.

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