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The Castle is the embodiment of elegance and generates a feeling of aristocracy. The building truly evokes the atmosphere of the 19th century neo-classicist castle, as if we had gone back into the era of the Habsburgs. Take a look at Castle rooms and suites»


In the newest accommodation of the Puchner Estate, in the rooms and suites of the 6,200 m² Renaissance Palace, you can relive the special comfort that the knights of the famous Hungarian king, Matthias, might have enjoyed in the king’s court. Take a look at the Palace rooms and suites»

Manor House

The rooms of the Manor House, evoking the countryside of the 18th century France, can be the perfect location for romantic moments. The building resembles the style of an 18th century French inn, uniting the trio of timber, stone and brick. Take a look at the rooms and suites in the Manor House»

Bath House

Having a Mediterranean atmosphere, the Bath House is the perfect accommodation for wellness-lovers. We recommend it for guests who come to us primarily because of the wellness services and who would like to access our wellness facility, special massages and treatments by walking down only a few stairs, wearing their soft bathrobe. Take a look at the rooms and suites in the Bath House»

Guest House

In the three two-storey, separate Guest Houses we created 24 rooms altogether, which are characterised by modern furniture and simple design. They can be a great choice for companies, friends, groups or even families. Take a look at the rooms in the Guest Houses»

Wellnes & Spa

The Puchner Castle Hotel is a genuine citadel of wellness: French-style bath, Moroccan-style bath and a renaissance palace bath await wellness-lovers.

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