Do you have questions? On this page we have collected the ones that are asked most frequently, along with the relating answers. If there is still some information you cannot find, please contact us.

It is advisable to read the Castle Hotel’s Policies.

Theme Park

  • How far is situated the Theme Park from the Puchner Castle Hotel?
    They are right next to each other. The Castle Hotel has a separate entrance to the Theme Park; therefore our hotel guests can enter the Middle Ages directly, on the shortest possible route.
  • Does the price of accommodation also include the Theme Park ticket? Can hotel guests visit the Theme Park for free?
    No; we can provide the Theme Park ticket to our guests for an additional charge. However, it is worth to keep an eye on our promotions, because they often include entrance tickets for the whole family for extra discount prices.


  • Which means of payment are accepted? How can I pay for the accommodation?
    The following means of payment are accepted: cash, bank card (Visa, Visa Electron, Eurocard Mastercard, American Express, Maestro), SZÉP card (MKB, K&H, OTP), meal voucher (Ticket Restaurant) and Erzsébet voucher (only for meals).
  • Are the buildings interconnected?
    No. There is no closed connection between the buildings of the hotel. Guests have to walk a few minutes between the respective buildings, in the open air.
  • Is there an elevator in the buildings?
    No, there is no elevator in the buildings. Floors are connected by stairs.
  • Can the services be used after checking out of the room?
    Yes. Our colleagues at the reception will inform you about the relating conditions in details when you check out.
  • Is there Internet connection in the rooms?
    Yes, there is wireless and/or wire connection in each room.

Room booking

  • How much time in advance should I book a room?
    In the case of rooms other than standard ones, the sooner the better, because they are available in a limited number only.
  • How can I book a room?
    In e-mail (info@puchner.hu), by phone (+36 72/459-546) or on our website.
  • Do I have to pay advance money when booking?
    In the case of special holiday periods or events, or if the value of the original services more than 200.000 HUF, then yes.
  • How much is the deposit?
    The deposit is the 50% of the confirmed services.
  • What is the deposit payment deadline?
    30 days before arriving or after the confirmation of reservation.
  • What happens to the already paid advance money if we cannot go?
    For the money you can purchase a voucher which you can use within a specific period. This also depends on when and how much time in advance you cancel your booking, pursuant to the booking terms and conditions.
  • What should we do if someone we travel with cannot come? Will we lose their advance money?
    No. The others can use it or you can purchase a voucher for it.


  • When can we occupy the rooms and when should we check out?
    Rooms can be occupied from 15.00 pm and should be left until 11.00 am.
  • Are there bathrobes in the room?
  • Is smoking allowed in the hotel and in the room?
    No, in accordance with the legal regulations, all of our rooms are non-smoking. If someone smokes in the room, they have to pay penalty in the amount of HUF 5000/night, which is the compensation for washing and cleaning the textiles and carpets. Smoking is allowed at the designated places only.
  • Are there family or connecting rooms?
    Yes, there are.
  • Can we have a baby bed and diaper table in the room?
    We can provide them for you upon prior request.


  • Are parking lots equipped with CCTV?
  • When are the gates of the parking lot opened and closed?
    The gates are open also during the night because a safety guard supervises the area.


  • Can I use the wellness facility after checking out?
    Yes, wellness services can be used for an additional charge after checking out: the fee of using the French and Moroccan bath between 11:00-13:00 hours is HUF 1000/person for adults, HUF 500/person for children, under 6 years it’s for free; from 11:00 until the evening (the end of opening hours) it is HUF 1500/person for adults, HUF 1000/person for children, under 6 years it’s for free.
  • Can I ask for extended opening hours in the wellness facility?
    Upon demand, groups can request extended opening hours in the bath house if at least 15 persons register for it in advance. The hours can be extended between 22:00 and 24:00 hours. The cost of it is HUF 15,000/hour and it is subject to registration in advance.
  • What should I do if I forgot to bring my slippers? Can I enter the pool area without them?
    Yes, but only at your own risk because the floor is very slippery.
  • What can I do if I forgot to bring swimwear?
    The nearest place where you can buy one is Dombóvár.
  • Is the wellness facility open also for guests who do not stay in the hotel?
    Yes, but only on designated days, between Sunday and Thursday, upon prior registration and for a charge.


  • Is the reception open in 24 hours?
  • The hotel area can be freely entered in 24 hours?
  • Can I bring a dog to the hotel?
    Yes, our hotel is a dog-friendly accommodation, and so you can bring your small pet to the rooms of our Guest Houses and Manor House to enjoy your time here together. Animals can be brought into the Katalin Hall of our Habsburg Restaurant. The extra charge is 5,000 HUF /pet/ night. You are responsible for the pet. The hotel’s restaurants can be taken with the dog on leash. In the case of a table reservation, you must ask service colleagues. Sitting the dog to the table or feed it in a restaurant is not allowed.
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