Room Escape

All year round

The game takes place in a flatlet of a schizophrenic man. The environment is austere and there are plenty of puzzles hindering the escape. The clock is ticking without mercy. The participants look for their way out room by room. A coffee maker, or maybe a deformed badminton racket, hanging from the coat-rack, will be the key for the solution?

The answers can be found by the players only. Minutes are ticking away and the occupant will arrive home soon. I would not be glad to meet him….. You have to hurry!

The price of escape

  • HUF 2,000/person

Good to know!

  • Taking part in the game is recommended from 12 years of age.
  • Minimum 2, maximum 5 persons can play.
  • The time of the game is 60 minutes.
  • The atmosphere of the room is characterised by narrow rooms, dark parts and sometimes gloomy sound effects.
  • Appointment has to be made in advance.
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