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Neighbouring Castle Tour Neighbouring Castle Tour During the 1-hour carriage tour you can admire the winding streets of Bikal, the churches and the wonderful fishponds on the border of the village. Passing around the ponds we may see waterfowl and, if we are lucky, wild animals. Sightseeing Tour on Carriage in the Mecsek Hills Sightseeing Tour on Carriage in the Mecsek Hills Discover the picturesque Bikal and its vicinity with this half-an-hour carriage tour, during which you can admire the winding streets of the little Swabian village, the churches and the row of cellars at the edge of the village. Night bathing by candlelight Night bathing by candlelight (Deutsch) Ein Bad in der Nacht mit Kerzenlicht Our Bath House awaits guests with an exclusive offer: you can bath during the night, between 21 and 24 hours by the light of candles. We can also provide soft music, welcome drink, fortune cookie and a fortune-teller. Theme Park Theme Park The Theme Park, located next to the Castle Hotel, is the first thematic adventure park in Hungary. It invokes and brings to life the medieval Hungary in a unique way; with the contribution of craftsmen, actors and battle-hardened horsemen, as well as with the help of archers. 1 day wellness 1 day wellness (Magyar) Élményfürdő télen-nyáron In the Bath House of the Puchner Castle Hotel you can enjoy the atmosphere of baths all year round. The use of the Bath House requires registration in advance in each case! Room Escape Room Escape Room Escape One of the most exciting of the more and more popular escape games, flatlet no. 113 has arrived to the hotel, thanks to ParaPark. Sixty minutes of quickly ticking time and encoded locks that need to be opened, challenge the creativity and thinking of players and teams.

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