Using the sauna regularly has a beneficial effect on the heart and circular system functions, it is excellent for training the veins and easing stress. In our Bath House and Palace Bath you can find Finnish sauna (80-100°C), steam bath (50-55°C) and infra sauna.

Finnish sauna

In our Bath House you can find a traditional Finnish sauna with 80-100°C air temperature. Its humidity is low, around 10%.

Outdoor Finnish sauna

Stepping out of the Moroccan Bath facility, a new and group sauna seance suitable Finnish style sauna will make sure of the refreshing experience! Take part in our sauna seance for maintaining your health!

Steam bath

The high-humidity and warm air of the steam bath creates an extremely relaxing climate. Humidity content is 70-100% while temperature is only 50-55°C. In addition to maintaining health, the steam bath also has healing effect. Pleasantly relax and be refreshed as the scent of ethereal oils is absorbed into the skin.

Infra sauna

Infra sauna is a deep warm treatment that regenerates muscles, the skin and tissues. It is excellent for detoxifying the body, helps losing weight and improves the condition of cellulite. Unlike in the traditional sauna, those who are sensitive to high temperature can feel well here, too.

Good to know!

  • Hotel guests can use the saunas without having to pay additional charge.
  • Sauna has a beneficial effect to the body’s self-healing processes, too.
  • Spend altogether 20-40 minutes in the sauna, with one or two 10-minute breaks for optimal relaxation.
  • During the breaks take up a half sitting or laying position so that the body can be refreshed from the changes caused by the cold and warm effects.
  • After leaving the sauna, drink lots of water, herbal teas, fruit juices and other beverages containing vitamins.

Pictures of the saunas

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