Sauna séance

All year round

Our professional sauna masters await you with high-quality sauna programmes at our brand new outdoor Finnish sauna. Relaxation garden, home-made skin care products, musical relaxation combined with sauna pouring sessions. Replenish your energy reserves with out special programme that flies you to the island of serenity.

Sauna programmes

Sauna séance programme with 4 pouring

  • 15.00 – Cheerful Cocktail Party – aromatic sauna program with refreshments
  • 16.00 – Summer Renewal – Exfoliating Program
  • 17.00 – Beauty elixir sauna session – honey skin care program
  • 18.00 – Beer party with ice – immune strengthening program

Please inquire at reception about date of the program.

Timespan of sauna programmes: 15 minutes
Location: Bath House


Kategory Price
Sauna séance: Sauna séance programme with 3 pouring (exclusively for hotel guests) HUF 900 /person/pouring
Sauna séance: Sauna séance programme with 4 pouring (exclusively for hotel guests) HUF 1,000 /person/pouring
Sauna séance with spa pass: sauna séance programme with 3 pourings with spa pass
between 15.00 PM and 21.00 PM (for non-hotel guests)
HUF 4,000 /person/time
Sauna séance with spa pass: sauna séance programme with 4 pourings with spa pass
between 15.00 PM and 21.00 PM (for non-hotel guests)
HUF 5,000 /person/time

Prices are gross prices and include VAT.

Good to know!

  • Depending on the number of available spots, participation in the programme is dependent on previous registration at the wellness reception.
  • The service may only be accessed by a limited number of people; we can only record the registrations in the order in which they arrive.
  • The price of the programme contains the sauna pouring session programme, the refreshment drink and fruit.
  • The 4-infusion program is run by two sauna masters, therefore the program is more intense.
  • As per sauna health rules, the programmes may only be attended without swimwear; instead in sauna sheets, towels or sauna dresses. We provide sauna sheets for the programmes free of charge.
  • After registering, we can offer cancellation only until 10:00 AM on the day of the programme without a penalty fee; otherwise 100% of the programme fee shall be charged on the room bill.
  • During the sauna séance programme (except on Saturdays) we offer child supervision service for our hotel guests between 15:00 PM and 17:30 PM, for which you may register on the given day until 15:00 PM at wellness reception. The child supervision fee is 1,500 HUF/hour/child, which may be accessed from age 3. You may request detailed information at wellness reception: +36-30/427-6875.
  • A maximum of 30 people may take part in sauna séances per pouring.
  • Detailed information regarding sauna pourings is available at wellness recepton.
  • The 4,000 HUF/person/session price for our non-hotel guests contains a spa pass, as well as three separate, incremental sauna pourings. The displayed price isn’t affected by how many sauna pourings our non-hotel guest takes part in; you may participate as you prefer. We are only able to register your sign-ups this way.

We reserve the right to change program.

Photos of a sauna séance

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