Bath House

The Spa is home to lovers of wellness. We recommend this to our guests who primarily arrive for the wellness services and wish to access the wellness sections and unique massages, treatments while clad in soft bathrobes. The Spa has two types of accomodation styles.

Rooms and suites

The rooms located in the Spa building are characterized by a Mediterranean atmosphere, in which the lively red color is dominant. The Mediterranean feeling is reinforced by the natural material of the furniture, the Indian hardwood and the rattan. The atmospheres of Spanish accomodations served as examples when designing the rooms. By walking a couple of stairs the pampering wellness services are readily available.

The old Guest House buildings have been completely remodeled in 2021 and are now part of the Spa unit. The three separate two-story buildings await families and friend groups with a new look, remodeled interiors, private, outdoor terraces, as well as covered corridor that lead into the Spa.

We have developed a total of 12 family and private rooms in the separate buildings belonging to the Spa. Smoothness characterizes the style of the rooms, which emits calmness and harmony. A closed-off, spacious, private and open-air relaxing terrace is part of every unit. The fact that from these buildings the Spa’s wellness sections can be accessed in any weather, even in bathrobes, through covered corridor serves the comfort of the guests. The charm of a fireplace makes part of the rooms in the Spa’s separate buildings even more special.
We sincerely recommend this accomodation for families and friend groups, in which two bedrooms, two separate bathrooms and a shared living room serve the comfort of the 4 persons.

Bath House room prices

Valid: from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022

Room Single room price Double room price
Standard room - Bath House from 85.900 Ft/person/night from 53.700 Ft/person/night
Superior suite - Bath House from 87.600 Ft/person/night from 54.800 Ft/person/night
Family suite - Bath House from 87.600 Ft/person/night from 54.800 Ft/person/night
Private suite - Bath House from 87.600 Ft/person/night from 54.800 Ft/person/night

Wellness facility

On the ground floor of the building you can find the first wellness facility in Hungary: the French-style bath, along with its pools, including special elements, jacuzzis, children’s pool, relaxation beds, Finnish and infra sauna, was commissioned in 1998. The water in the pools is thermal water, which is qualified as “recognised mineral water”, is 29.4 °C warm and is rich in magnesium, calcium, fluorine and sodium bicarbonate.

Our Moroccan-style bath facility evokes the world of One Thousand and One Nights, with its soft draperies and colours. It pampers our guests with a counter-current pool, a deep-diving pool and two jacuzzis.

The Children’s Wonderbath conjures up the world of fairytales with its jolly atmosphere. It offers both children and families relaxation full of great experiences with its two children’s pool, two waterslides and their accompanying pool, as well as an interior relaxation area.

Our exclusive service, with which we would like to offer a special experience to guests, is called the “Harmony Island” (VIP Bath). We recommend the renting of the VIP Bath to couples who would like to enjoy 2 peaceful hours, along with a glass of champagne, fruits and soft music.


During the use of the bath and wellness services, the tasty drinks of our Cafe offer additional refreshment. Should you get hungry or long for some sweets during relaxation, you can also have delicious pastries and sandwiches here.

Pictures of the Bath House

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