Uni’s World

All year round

At Uni’s World, fun is the main attraction! Children may play without their parents*, in the company of other children; or perhaps accompanied by their parents, they may enjoy playing together as a whole. Every child dreams of a world where they may find exciting search games, ball pits, droplet-shaped swings, fairy tale nooks and handicrafts activities, as well as several other games and loads of fun! Children (between the ages of 2 and 10) who are guests of the hotel may attend Uni’s World free of charge. Baby corner awaits children between 0-2 years old!


Upon arrival children will be encouraged to socialize and introduce themselves at Uni’s World. Don’t let your kids miss out!


Every day at Uni’s World different handicrafts activities await children of all ages. During the activities we will create simple, easily craftable products that everyone can make; and the topic for choosing the raw materials will be recycling. For this, only a bit of joy and creativity is needed!


Apart from scheduled programmes, free play also awaits the children!
For our youngest guests there will be the baby corner, where they can play with games made specifically for babies on the soft sponge puzzle mat. Here you may find the play rug designed to strengthen the babies’ muscles, the walk assist tool aimed to support the babies’ first steps, and numerous other skill developing baby games.
Kindergarteners may go on the slides, jump around in the ball pit, play hide and seek in the big game house and also try their hands at so many other things that they can only dream of! Dolls, cars, plushies, storybooks, colouring books and puzzles await the little kids that want to have some fun!
Schoolchildren may try puppeteering, board games or memory games to experience the joys of playing in groups, or may entertain themselves with other skill developing or logic-based games.
For children getting tired from all the playing there are the droplet-shaped swings that are hung from the beams; they may also wind down in the fairy nook located in a separate hall, where mattresses and pillows on the ground make watching cartoons even more cosy.


Search game in Uni’s World! Uni the unicorn and five of its friends have hidden signs in Uni’s World that reveal their favorite foods, items belonging to them or their wondrous new homes! The children’s task is to search for and find the hidden signs of the princess, the knight, the blacksmith, the witch, the court jester and Uni, and consecutively connect the characters with their respective things on a solution sheet. It’s worthwhile to stay vigilant and be a good observer, because in return for correct solutions surprises will be awarded!
Different investigations will start each day, therefore children will be able to search for the hidden signs with excitement everyday!


  • Adventure awaits in Uni’s world
  • Handicrafts
  • Free play


  • Free play
  • Investigate with Uni

Good to know!

  • Children (between the ages of 0 and 10) who are guests of the hotel may attend Uni’s World under the supervision of a parent / relative free of charge.
  • *During the peak season of summer and winter, children (between 2-10 years old) can participate in the program without the presence of their parents, the supervision fee is HUF 5.000/child.
  • The Baby Corner is only accessible for children between the ages of 0-2
    and exclusively under the supervision of a parent / relative.
  • You may find more information on the programmes in the Programme Guide.
  • Adhering to the Uni’s World House Rules is obligatory!

Pictures of Uni’s World

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