It is likely that you have also wished for yourself to feel better in your skin than before: our beauty salon helps you accomplish that using special cosmetics.

At the Spa reception our colleagues can provide more detailed information regarding the treatments and massages. Our guests may make appointments for treatments on location.

Pampering face treatment through the strength of gold

60 minutes/HUF 12.000

Intensive moisture absorbing, hydrating, wrinkle treating, wrinkle erasing, skin tightening treatment that restores the natural performance of the skin and makes you youthful and radiant.
Main agents: regenerative and skin rejuvenating 23-carat gold, collagen synthesis-stimulating silk and milk proteins, cell-stimulating ocean collagen microspheres, pore-tightening and wrinkle-smoothing boswellia tree extract, antioxidant rose hip, nourishing jojoba and avocado oil, skin color improving bearberry extract and anti-inflammatory ginger. The intake of agents is done through massaging and ultrasound.
The treatment’s contents: cleaning, peeling, toning, the administering of the gold granule-containing serum through ultrasound, massage, finishing cream.

Mesotherapy treatments (anti-ageing or anti-seborrea)

    Facial treatment

    60 minutes/HUF 13.000

    Face, neck and cleavage treatment

    75 minutes/HUF 15.000

The skin’s middle layer, the dermis is where the collagen fibers are produced that provide the flexibily and tightness of the skin. The metabolism processes that determine the skin’s aging take place in this layer. So the agents administered here will be most effective in preventing skin aging.
The intake of the agent is facilitated by an electroporation device, by which the appropriate electromagnetic waves open up the channels on the skin and through the cells. Through the channels we are able to administer large molecules as well, but the hydration of the skin can also be significantly increased. Another big advantage of the treatment is that it only takes effect inside the skin, therefore it has no risky side effects on our system.
At our salon we are using a no-needle Mesolux mesotherapy device, which also includes light therapy apart from electroporation. The mesotherapy treatment is one of the most effective ways of administering agents into the deeper layers of the skin. The lightray also improves this attribute of the device, and it allows for the performance of various treatments ranging from problematic skin to loose skin.
During the treatment we are administering clean hyaluronic acid, vitamins, as well as agents required for the skin’s needs into the skin of the face, neck and cleavage. The end result: a healthier, more flexible, younger skin.

  • Anti-aging mesotherapy treatment for aging skin: Not only does this mesotherapy procedure effectively lower* the number of wrinkles, but it also prevents the development of newer wrinkles.
  • Anti-seborrhea mesotherapy treatment for greasy skin and blackheads: After a couple of sessions* deep acne wounds almost become completely smoothen out, the seborrheic skin’s pores close up, and skin redness fades out.

(* For a lasting result a 3-session mesotherapy treatment is recommended.)

Ocean algae treatments

We complete our ocean algae treaments with the products of the long-standing Thalgo company.
The Thalgo ocean algae products provide the additional edge in regards to our skin care that no other type of cosmetic product can provide. The ocean algae are similar to sponges, therefore they are able to retain the minerals, vitamins and amino acids present in the ocean ten thousandfold compared to plant-based materials. That is the reason why we consider algae superplants. An additional specialty of algae and oceanic materials is that their absorbtion happens osmotically, therefore 100% of it enters the skin. Algae cosmetics are in perfect relationship with our skin.

Express cosmetic facial treatment

40 minutes/HUF 7.500

The express facial treatment is a quick help for eliminating the signs of stress and tiredness. It makes the skin healthy, fresh and radiant thanks to the effect of ocean algae.
The treatment’s contents: face milk, peeling, toning, serum, ultrasound, massage, finishing cream.

Hydra Marina intensive hydrating treatment

    With an oceanic hydratinc mask

    60 minutes/HUF 12.000

    With an exclusive oceanic hydratinc peel-off mask

    60 minutes/HUF 13.000

Extra-hydratinc treatment that counteracts the drying effect of wind, sun exposure, cold air and hard water. The biotechnologically developed active agents effectively charge the dehydrated and deep layer water-starved skin. After the treatment the hydration of the epidermis is optimized and the skin becomes unbelievably smooth and soft.
The treatment’s contents: face milk, peeling, toning, agent-cocktail for ultrasound, massage, mask.

Collagen smoothenink treatment 25+

60 minutes/HUF 15.000

The Thalgo ocean collagen treatment is an effective preventative series for the preservation of beauty. The facial skin becomes radiant and the skin becomes hydrated and regenerated. The first wrinkles are smoothened; it promotes and strengthens the development and synthesis of new collagen fibers.
The treatment’s contents: face milk, peeling, toning, collagen concentrate, ultrasound treatment, special collagen dermastim massage, collagen mask, finishing collagen cream.

Hyaluronic acid recharging treatment 35+

65 minutes/HUF 18.000

The hyaluron treatment is the skin’s most novel privilege: a series that stops time, especially in the case of aging skin, with exceptional rejuvenating effect. All products are rich in natural active agents, which dramatically recharge and smoothen the facial skin.
The treatment’s contents: face milk, peeling, toning, collagen concentrate, ultrasound treatment, special collagen dermastim massage, hyaluronic acid recharging cream, hyaluronic face mask, collagen mask, finishing collagen cream.

Silicon tightening treatment 40+

75 minutes/HUF 20.000

The silicon tightening treatment is the special lifting treatment of Thalgo. Similarly to silicon and hyaluronic acid, our skin’s structural elements and their quantity are significantly decreased over time, so their replenishment is extremely important. The best possible anti-aging treatment, the result of which is a visibly rejuvenated skin.
The treatment’s contents: face milk, peeling, toning, collagen concentrate, silicon wrinkle-filling serum, ultrasound treatment, special collagen dermastim massage, hyaluronic recharging cream, hyaluronic face mask, collagen mask, face-shaping mask, finishing collagen cream.

Eyelash lifting surprise with sensitive eye lash dyeing

40 minutes/HUF 6.000

With the silicon base procedure of eyelash lifting we are lifting each eyelash thread at the base, and then we are gently curling it upwards using various special materials and techniques. The lifting process is simple, painless and gentle.
It results in visibly denser eyelashes, longer threads, wider gaze, 100% natural and beautiful appearance, exceptional durability even through 6-8 weeks.
We recommend eyelash lifting for the following people:

  • those who have short or straight eyelashes,
  • people whose eyelashes are barely visible because of their hanging eyelids,
  • those who don’t wish to or may not wear false eyelashes,
  • those who want natural looking, yet still spectacular, persistently arced eyelashes.

Since it is natural, it is not harmful for the eye and does not break the eyelashes. The threads are not degraded; they remain silky as before the procedure. You may directly apply makeup; it is washable, you may use mascara and it can also be dyed.
Apart from the eyelash lifting we will also gift you with an eyelash dyeing, for which we will be using sensitive dye. This dye exclusively uses plant-based ingredients, therefore it is allergen-free and does not result in irritation. The colour’s durability is approx. 4-6 weeks.

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