It is likely that you have also wished for yourself to feel better in your skin than before: our beauty salon helps you accomplish that using special cosmetics.

At the Spa reception our colleagues can provide more detailed information regarding the treatments and massages. Our guests may make appointments for treatments on location.

3D rejuvenating facial treatment with iPeptide technology

70 minutes/HUF 14.000

Peptides are present in regular facial creams and serums only in very low concentrates, so their beneficial effects also fail to appear. Therefore the researchers of Mesotica have developed the highest agent-content peptide series and 3D skincare system of the cosmetic industry that guarantee spectacular results. Their products – thanks to their high tech agents – rebuild the skin layer by layer and reactivate its operation.
Contents of the treatment: cleaning the skin, anti-aging tightening acid complex, enzyme peeling, pH restorating gel tonic, needle-free administering of peptides* into the skin with ultrasound, face mask, finishing product.
*The peptides used during the treatment have recharging, tightening, cell-regenerating and anti-wrinkle effects that guarantee hydration and increase flexibility.

Anti-aging treatment with face-lifting, extra eye area care

60 minutes/HUF 10.000

Numerous changes are happening in the skin’s operation as time goes on. The skin’s defensive capabilities weaken, its metabolism is slowing down continuously; its ability to hold onto water decreases, and so does the number of collagen and elastic fibers. The skin becomes increasingly more dry, loses its flexibility and tone. Tiny wrinkles and striations appear on its surface, which become deeper and greater in number over time. Although the changing of the skin is an invevitable, natural process, one can keep it lively and nice looking for longer with a bit of extra care and attention. That is what we offer this treatment for.
Contents of the treatment: cleaning of the skin with face milk, tonic, peeling, hydroabrasive treatment, drug intake with ultrasound device, collagen concentrate for the eye, collagen gel mask for the eye, anti-aging alginate face mask, hialuronic cream, microcurrent face-lifting treatment, energizing eye area care product, collagen cream.

Anti-gravity face massage with a skin structure improving veil mask

40 minutes/HUF 8.900

With the applied manual massage technique the guest may experience a long-term, spectacular and immediately palpable lifting effect, all of the movements of which we are using against the visible signs of gravity. During the treatment the physiological processes of the connective tissue are quickened, the blood and oxygen supply of cells and fibers are intensified; aging is slowed, and the skin’s hydration is also amplified, as a result of which it becomes smooth and velvety.
Following the skin’s thorough cleaning and the anti-gravity massage utilizing oil mixtures containing rejuvenating agents we are intensifying the effect with a veil mask improving the skin structure.

Lavender magic

40 minutes/HUF 8.000

The calming, relaxing, disinfectant effects of lavender are well-known; not only is it good against headache, but also against melancholy and stress, in fact, it is also excellent for balancing out sudden changes in mood. In addition to relieving tension, it also has an invigorating, stimulating effect. It is often used to treat agitation and and sleep disorders. Lavender also has numerous positive effects on our skin as well: thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial attributes it is excellently applicable for skin surfaces with acne and pimples, accelerates the healing of wounds, regenerates the skin, makes it soft and hydrated, which makes it recommended for all skin types.
Treatment contents: skin cleaning, peeling, cream mask, cold & warm skin ironing, massage, finishing cream.

Ocean algae treatments

We complete our ocean algae treaments with the products of the long-standing Thalgo company.
The Thalgo ocean algae products provide the additional edge in regards to our skin care that no other type of cosmetic product can provide. The ocean algae are similar to sponges, therefore they are able to retain the minerals, vitamins and amino acids present in the ocean ten thousandfold compared to plant-based materials. That is the reason why we consider algae superplants. An additional specialty of algae and oceanic materials is that their absorbtion happens osmotically, therefore 100% of it enters the skin. Algae cosmetics are in perfect relationship with our skin.

Express cosmetic facial treatment

40 minutes/HUF 7.500

The express facial treatment is a quick help for eliminating the signs of stress and tiredness. It makes the skin healthy, fresh and radiant thanks to the effect of ocean algae.
The treatment’s contents: face milk, peeling, toning, serum, ultrasound, massage, finishing cream.

Hyalu-procollagene wrinkle removing treatment

75 minutes/HUF 20.000

We offer Thalgo’s new Hyalu-Procollagene series for the 25-40 age group, which focuses on the visible signs of aging. The renewed wrinkle-removing series combines the collagen and hialuronic acid replenishment in one treatment, which our skin needs past the age of 25.
The ocean pro-collagen and the three different sized hialuronic acid produce their effect in the epithelial layer, the dermis as well as the hypodermis. The skin is immediately recharged, the wrinkles are smoothed out, and the special roller massage increases the efficiency of the treatment. As a result, the skin shall be tight and youthful; we will be greeted with a smooth and matte image of the skin.
Contents of the treatment: cleaning of the skin with face milk, tonic, micellar cleaning foam, microdermabrasive skin scrubs, intensive wrinkle-filling serum, special dermastim+ massage balm, lifting effect mask roller massage, finishing cream for the eyes, face.

Hydra Marina intensive hydrating treatment

60 minutes/HUF 12.000

Extra-hydratinc treatment that counteracts the drying effect of wind, sun exposure, cold air and hard water. The biotechnologically developed active agents effectively charge the dehydrated and deep layer water-starved skin. After the treatment the hydration of the epidermis is optimized and the skin becomes unbelievably smooth and soft.
The treatment’s contents: face milk, peeling, toning, agent-cocktail for ultrasound, massage, hydrating mask.

Silicon tightening treatment 40+

75 minutes/HUF 20.000

The silicon tightening treatment is the special lifting treatment of Thalgo. Similarly to silicon and hyaluronic acid, our skin’s structural elements and their quantity are significantly decreased over time, so their replenishment is extremely important. The best possible anti-aging treatment, the result of which is a visibly rejuvenated skin.
The treatment’s contents: face milk, peeling, toning, collagen concentrate, silicon wrinkle-filling serum, ultrasound treatment, special collagen dermastim massage, hyaluronic recharging cream, hyaluronic face mask, collagen mask, face-shaping mask, finishing collagen cream.

Spiruline boost smoothing and detoxing treatments


    60 minutes/HUF 15.000


    70 minutes/HUF 18.000

Smoothing and detoxing treatments with ocean algae Thalgo products.
The first signs of aging start to appear at age 25. The polluted air, exhaust gases, pollen, smoking, stress and exhaustion all speed up early aging. In reality, 80% of aging is caused by environmental stress, which fill the skin with free radicals and toxins, the cellular metabolism slows down. Therefore the skin becomes tired and less resistant; loses its radiance and the first wrinkles will start to appear, specifically around the eye region. The products of the Spiruline Boost series combat these things, the most important active reagents of which are the energizing spirulina (Athrospira maxima) extrat and the ocean magnesium.
Contents of the treatment: cleaning of the skin with face milk, tonic, micellar cleaning foam, microdermabrasive skin scrubs, spirulina concentrate/serum, massage cream, special Black Diamond roller massage, mask*, finishing cream for the eyes, face.
*In the case of the Basic treatment the package contains a skin respiration improving, oxigenating cream mask with cold-warm skin ironing. In the case of the Ritual treatment the package contains a professional peelable mask which has a smoothing, detoxing effect and makes the skin colour shinier.

Pándi cherry treatment

40 minutes/HUF 8.000

The cherry and ocean collagen-containing products used during the treatment carry all the characteristics that make your skin beautiful.
Because of the cherry’s high acid content it is excellent for treating seborrhoeic skin. It hydrates very well, has an anti-wrinkle effect, so it’s good for treating dehydrated skin too.
It is a true vitamin-bomb: Thanks to its A-, B-, C-, E- and P-vitamin content it increases the skin’s vitality.
The ocean collagen improves the skin’s flexibility, tightness, therefore maintaining its youth.
Treatment contents: cleaning the skin with cleansing foam, tonic, hydroabrasion, transfer of gel’s agents with ultrasound, massage, finishing cream for eyes, face.

Rose Relax treatment with rose quartz face massage

50 minutes/HUF 8.000

This treatment specifically serves the harmonization of female energies; helps us relive our own femininity, calms, creats spiritual balance, balances the female energies and hormones, and creates concordance between our hearts and minds.
Rose is a general favorite base material not only because of its enchanting scent. Among other things, it is antibacterial, has an anti-inflammatory effect, cools, hydrates and makes the skin smooth.
The other important material is the white kaolin, which can be the effective treatment for dry, senisitive, or inflamed skin, or skin with acne, or even for tired, pale skin types. It cleans thoroughly; it is capable of clearing out even the deeper pores of the skin, removes unnecessary epithelial cells, calms, detoxes, regenerates and improves the skin’s structure.
During the treatment we pamper our guests with a special rose quartz face massage.
With its vibrations the rose quartz strengthens the heart and harmonizes heart rate. It strengthens the nerves and also helps with sleeping disorders, insomnia, motor and balance disorders, as well as female illnesses. Pushes away the feeling of vindictiveness, reinforces forgiveness. Teaches us to accept ourselves, opens our hearts up for love.
Contents of the treatment: cleaning of the skin with cleaning foam and rose water, enzyme peeling, rose quartz mushroom massage, chemical agent mask with extra rose water veil mask and skin type relevant booster.

Skin renewing treatment with sensitive acidic exfoliation – for sensitive skin too

60 minutes/HUF 15.900

The basis for our skin renewing treatment is chemical exfoliation, which can be a solution for a lot of skin problems. It causes wrinkles, pigmentations, liver spots and aging spots to fade, improves the state of problematic skin types and acne, has a pore-constricting effect; it is also applicable for the treatment of scars, and by using it, one can receive a more uniform skin color and a softer, smoother skin surface.
Following the acidic treatment we are using a super-concentrate and peptides appropriate for the skin’s needs (with agents stimulating collagen synthesis, the effects of which are hydrating, lifting, calming and anti-inflammatory). We are finishing the treatment with a botox-like anti-aging mask and a cream containing sunscreen.
Since the acidic exfoliation happens using a gentle acid complex, combined with a sunscreen, it may be applied during any period of the year.

Treatment for problematic skin

50 minutes/HUF 8.000

When we talk about problematic skin, we refer to skin types that have an affinity to developing blackheads and pimples. This kind of skin often appears greasy and shiny. The reason for this is that the subaceous glands produce more fats than in the case of other skin types.
During the treatment we use such products with chemical agents and tools that facilitate the regulation of the skin’s fat production, constrict wide pores and have a hydrating, calming, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and cleaning property.
Contents of the treatment: cleaning of the skin with face milk, tonic, peeling, veil mask, ultrasound treatment coupled with ampules with chemical agents, VIO treatment, ichthyol mask with cold-warm skin ironing, and normalizing gel.

Wine Therapy – wine therapy treatment

50 minutes/HUF 9.000

Do you enjoy the enticing scent of grapes and wine? Then this treatment will definitely be one of your favorites!
The main agent in the Wine Therapy products is the patented, clean reservatrol packaged in capsules. This compound may be found in grape seeds in concentrated form and is contained in red wine in large quantities. It has an incredibly strong antioxidant effect, protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals and sunlight, stimulates the collagen synthesis of the skin’s cells, it is rejuvinating and makes your skin tone even and uniform.
The treatment contains the following: cleaning with face milk and tonic, grape peeling, hydroabrasive treatment, effervescent wine face mask with cold-warm skin ironing, massage with effervescent wine cream, nourishing cream, grape seed oil & vitamine oil.

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