In the four-star Puchner Castle Hotel in Bikal, six different accommodation settings and a wonderful environment await everyone who longs for a little recreation, far from the noise of the city.


CastleThe Castle is the embodiment of elegance and generates a feeling of aristocracy. The building truly evokes the atmosphere of the 19th century neo-classicist castle, as if we had gone back into the era of the Habsburgs. The interior spaces, the chandeliers, along with the elegant yet comfortable furniture, create an authentic atmosphere. On each of the three storeys – the blue, green and the English floor – you can find a different atmosphere. What is more, the presidential suite is a real seigniorial residence: it offers the feeling of aristocracy, with its four-poster bed and uniquely designed carpets.


PalaceThs is the newest accommodation building of the Puchner Estate. In the rooms and suites of the 6200 m² Renaissance Palace we can enjoy the comfort of the lords who lived in the era of the famous Hungarian king, Matthias. A clear design, a wonderful view and large spaces make the suites unique. The renaissance design of wall surfaces – in a slightly more modern form – contributes to the building’s authenticity. In the Palace we can find a separate wellness facility, the Palace Bath, invoking the world of Turkish baths with its humid air. This bath facility may be used by guests over 18 years only, that way guaranteeing, that the children’s noise will not disturb the recreation of our guests here.

Manor House

Manor HouseThe building of the Manor House is designed to resemble the style of an 18th century French inn, uniting the trio of timber, stone and brick. The timber structure that can be seen in the rooms is unique in Hungary. In the course of renovating the old barn, we preserved some parts of the original wall surfaces, which can be seen in each room. On each level of the three storey building – those for the romantics, the families and the lovers – you can find rooms and suites in different arrangements, sizes and atmospheres. A specialty of the rooms, on the storey for families, is the children’s nook, which is the realm for little ones, where they can feel separate but still close to their parents.

Medieval city

Medieval cityThe medieval old-city rooms are located in the old-city of our medieval Theme Park that is part of our castle hotel. The uniqueness of the rooms and suits reminiscent of the world of the Middle Ages is provided by the combination of old and new architectural styles. An unparalleled atmosphere is created by a fireplace in each room. The family suits with gigantic floor space offer a terrace or a reading corner. As you step out of your room you will feel like you are a time traveler in the medieval Theme Park: you may encounter medieval knights, soldiers dressed in armor and even true courtesans. The spas and dining venues are accessible by a few minute walk through the fascinating surroundings.

Bath House

Bath HouseUnder the shady trees of the park there is a Bath House with panoramic windows, where you can find pools equipped with different experience elements, jacuzzis, a children’s pool, waterslides and the Harmony Island. The water in the pools is thermal water which is qualified as “recognised mineral water”, it is rich in magnesium, calcium, fluoride and sodium bicarbonate, and is 29.4 °C warm. The rooms and suites of the Bath House, with their Mediterranean atmosphere, are only a few stair-steps away from the wellness services. The rooms are dominated by lively red colours, and the natural materials of the furniture also intensify the Mediterranean feeling.

Grove House

Grove HouseThe Grove House is located in a wooded park. In the immediate vicinity of the building there is a parking lot, thanks to which no lengthy trips with luggage are necessary. Thanks to the unique interior architectural solution, standard suites offer accomodation with a two-story design. Most rooms have a spacious terrace which invites people to sit out in, breathe some fresh air and recharge. In this location that is close to nature, stepping out of the mundane weekdays, people may give themselves over to relaxation.

Guest Houses

Guest HousesIn the three, two-storey, separate Guest Houses, we created 15 rooms altogether, which are characterised by modern furniture and simple design. In each building there are 4 rooms on a floor, which are connected by a common living-room. The atmosphere of the spacious day-room on the ground floor is made even friendlier thanks to a fireplace. There is also a safe and television in the living-room.
Our Guest Houses may be excellent choices for companies, friends, groups or even families.

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