Petting Zoo

All year round

The residents of the Petting Zoo, located at the ’Village of Tales’ in the Theme Park awaits visitors every day. If you think that the rural, village environment is quiet and boring, the Petting Zoo of the Theme Park will convince you of the opposite in an instant.

Approaching the authentic corrals made of wood and adobe, reminiscent of the gates of the peasant farmers of medieval rural Hungary, and seeing the ducks and geese walking freely there, the visitors can not only take part in a time travel of several centuries on a historical scale, but also take part in the memories of their own childhood, with relatives in the countryside, the incomparable environment also helps to recall summers spent with grandparents.

The donkey, the goat, the sheep, the Cameroon pygmy sheep, the racka, the turkey, the hen, the duck, the goose and the domestic rabbit have found their home in the noisy animal army, but Pedro, the llama and the peacocks also call the Petting Zoo their home. Visitors from big cities, especially children, may never have seen the domestic animals that have been an integral part of our nation’s agriculture for centuries. The two- or four-legged, furry or even feathered inhabitants of the yard, who make gurgling, barking, meowing and who knows how many other kinds of sounds, will soon find their way into the hearts of both the elderly and the young.

While walking here, we can not only admire the animals, but also listen to a Hungarian folk tale, “The Little Rooster’s Diamond Ha’Penny ” and La Fontaine’s famous school story, “The Fox and the Raven”.

Good to know!

  • Our hotel guests can visit the Petting Zoo free of charge every day outside the opening hours of the Theme Park.
  • On the opening days of the Theme Park, our hotel guests and our daily guests can use the medieval playground by redeeming the Theme Park’s entrance fee.
  • At the reception and in the Gagyizda, you can buy the animals’ favorite, Bikali Zoo Treats, which we put together from carefully selected ingredients.

Pictures from the Petting Zoo

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