Neighbouring Castle Tour

All year round

You can admire the winding streets of the little Swabian village, the churches and the wonderful fishponds on the border of the village; passing around these we may see waterfowl and, if we are lucky, wild animals. Route: Bikal – Egyházaskozár-Bikal.

The arable land, the ancient grassland and the locusts (where the bees of the local beekeepers collect the raw material for the famous Bikal honey), are also on the way. In muddy weather we use the public road between Bikal and Egyházaskozár and take a look at the neat, well arranged centre of Egyházaskozár, then return to Bikal. The tour takes one hour.

Price of the tour

  • Adult: HUF 2,000/person (in the case of 2 persons), HUF 1,500/person (in the case of 3 or more persons).
  • Children’s discounts: HUF 500/person under 12 years
  • Picnic basket (salty scone, wine or soft drink or mineral water): above 12 years HUF 2,000/person, under 12 years HUF 1,000/person
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